professional memory project management service

Do you consider to launch your own brand memory device but do not know how to start with? JPC PMS makes it easy and professionally.


If you consider to launch your own brand memory products, please discuss it with JPC! JPC experts will help you successfully launch your own brand. PMS is a professional memory project management service.

Device Selection

Is it difficult to decide what solution you need to build for your memory devices? Discuss it with JPC experts!

Material Sourcing

JPC has a solid relationship with major brand wafer and controller suppliers. We will help you findĀ  row materials for memory devices at a reasonable and competitive price.

Assembly and Packing

JPC works with reliable and world class assembly houses. Although it is your first time to build memory devices, you do not need to worry. JPC will find a suitable assembly house with reasonable OEM price for you.


The delivery schedule is very important to be successful in memory business because prices of memory devices gradually go down. We will arrange all for you from beginning to delivery so you will minimize your risk.

After Service

Any RMA issue after sales? JPC will help you solve the issues with your supplier, controller house or assembly house.

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